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Marriage and Family Book Offers

We all need guidance for living, in today’s modern lifestyles.

Mums and Dads aren’t around as much as they used to be to answer these questions.

Even if they are, what could be better than the guidance from an acknowledged expert?Just one of our books offered at an amazing value

There is nothing like a second opinion, and also our ebooks are so conveniently downloadable that they can be downloaded within minutes, and immediately accessed and read, and then stored on your hard drive for future use.

We have put together our first ebook offer for “Happily Ever After” an ebook about developing your relationship with your partner, for a long and happy life together. Make no mistake – this is important in the context of the high and rising rate of divorce and split-ups these days.

Our ebook Finding and Keeping the Right Person is offered as part of an unbeatable value package.

Our ebook “So You’re Getting Married” takes a more detailed look at the period between engagement and wedding planning, up to moving-in together after marriage, with an accent on achieving harmony – not arguments – during the stressful organisational period for large weddings.Getting Married eBook in bargain offer!

There are people who have absolutely marvelous weddings.  The planning isn’t even mildly annoying–it’s fun for both the couple themselves, and for the family members.  The ceremony goes off smoothly without any difficulty–not an easy feat when you consider that the couple won’t have ever done this before.  Those first months of matrimony are nothing short of bliss.

How do they do it?

They take advice. They learn and they plan, and they use resources like the Marriage Guide: “So You’re Getting Married” with its clear advice, and no nonsense explanations.

Now it just happens that we have put together a great value, time limited, bonus package for you to purchase this eBook here.